McIntosh County

Free, in-person enrollment assistance is available for parents and legal guardians of children and teens ages 0-19 for Right from the Start Medicaid, Parent/Caretaker Medicaid and Pregnant Women’s Medicaid.  To see if you qualify by income and family size, please refer to the 2017 Income Eligibility Sheet.

Tamara Solomon
Coastal Campaign for Healthy Kids
Mobile Outreach and Enrollment Specialist


Walk-in Enrollment Assistance Available:

McIntosh County Health Department
1335 GA Highway 57, Townsend, GA 31331
every 1st & 4th Thursday 10:00am-2:30pm

Ida Hilton Public Library
1105 North Way, Darien, GA 31305
every 4th Thursday 3:00pm-6:00pm

What you will need to apply

  • Birth certificate (Georgia-born residents do not have to have a copy to apply)
  • Form of Government-issued Photo ID: e.g. Driver’s License, Passport (US or foreign) State issued identification card, consular identification card
  • Social Security number for each child or proof that a card has been applied for.
  • Income documents (for one month- i.e. one month’s worth of paystubs or Form 809 for cash-only income from one employer or Form 126 – 3 months for cash-only self-employed income.

Please consult with your enrollment assister on your particular situation and for any forms needed.