Shawnyha Thomas, J.C. Lewis Primary Healthcare Outstanding Outreach Partner!

Shawnyha Thomas has been recognized as Outstanding Outreach Partner for the Coastal Campaign for Healthy Kids.  She demonstrates her commitment everyday to the families she serves as Referral Specialist at J.C. Lewis Pediatric Center.  Along with team members, Shana Fennell and Quonica Slay, J.C. Lewis has referred 16 families in need of Medicaid enrollment assistance to the Coastal Campaign!

Outreach partners are absolutely critical to the Coastal Campaign for Healthy Kids. They are the trusted partners working directly with families who help us find those hard to reach parents & guardians of uninsured children. They are actively asking the question, “Does your child have health coverage?” and if not, they provide the direct referral to the Coastal Campaign.  We appreciate the level of trust our outreach partners give when they send one of “their families” to our enrollment assistors and we will strive to continue to earn that trust.

J.C. Lewis Pediatric Center is located at Waters and 54th St. in Savannah.  If you would like to make an appointment, call 912-352-3845.

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